In an era when funding is increasingly competitive and labor constraints are evident across the board, college and university research facilities will find themselves balancing resources precariously.

Limited Resources + Bottlenecking

Time, staff and space are all variables that stand to be viewed as potential resource limitations. These overhead considerations are often identified as the leading roadblocks for those dedicated to researching and monitoring the plant science growth cycle and beyond. 

Pre-Filled Potting Containers

Checking one box for greenhouse researchers? Pre-filled pots. Having access to a partner with the resources to stock a wide variety of soil mixes, amendments, treatments, and containers eliminates an overhead and purchasing component that can be tedious to manage with the current state of inventory supply. Add on the time and labor savings that is achieved through the outsourcing of the physical act of pot-filling and resources are suddenly able to shift to the task at hand: the yield and study of the crops in production in your greenhouse.

A snapshot of a pre-filled pot order in mid-fulfillment
A snapshot of a pre-filled pot order in mid-fulfillment


Prioritizing Horticultural Innovation

Hummert International understands that agricultural and biological innovation is imperative to furthering the future of the industry. Our Plant Growth and Logistics Services division is dedicated to the betterment of researchers and has developed a suite of solutions designed specifically for industries seeking systematic operating procedures that ensure quality and consistency. 


With our St. Louis location and warehouse, our operations lie in the heart of the Midwest. The St. Louis region is not only home to hundreds of plant scientists and researchers alike, but St. Louis also provides us with a central location for shipping pre-filled pots and wholesale supplies nationwide. 

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