Filling Your Growing Needs

Who is PGLS?

Plant Growth Logistics & Services is a distribution and service department dedicated in providing a holistic set of systems and procedures that are compliment with your plant growth cycle and business operations. From start to finish, we provide solutions that help grow and devitalize a plant so that it can be disposed of properly. Backed by Hummert International, find out why others see the value of using PGLSĀ  today.

Our Services

Pre-filled Containers

Find out how pre-filled container distribution can save you time, money, and labor with our PGLS service.

Supply Distribution

Learn about where we distribute general supplies, and find out about our local stock room opportunities.


Learn more about our USDA compliant devitalization and waste removal system and procedures.

Our Partners

Meet the Team

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Search Hummert's eCommerce website to purchase growing supplies and equipment, find the sales rep who covers your area, or thumb through one of our many publications for information and get a quote - we look forward to hearing from you and helping you grow!

Plant Growth Logistics & Services (PGLS) is a dedicated division of Hummert International.