Our pre-filled potting services help our customers in a multitude of ways. Typically, one of the limiting factors in our customers’ production is time. Whether it’s due to a lack of staffing or a crammed schedule, they simply don’t have the time or resources to source materials, fill the pots, clear the grow space, lay the pots out in their grow space and plant in an efficient manner. By using PGLS, they can eliminate more than half of those bottlenecks. We carry a wide variety of pots, trays, inserts, and flats; along with a large selection of potting media, amendments, fertilizers, and treatments available for customers to choose from. Our clients don’t have to worry about managing the inventory of those items. Our dedicated team fills the orders and can have them scheduled for delivery whenever the customer wants them, allowing them to take the time to concentrate on finishing ongoing projects and cleaning up a space for the new planting. 

Additionally, our team’s attention to detail ensures incredible consistency from client to client, order to order, and pot to pot in a way that most growers either don’t have the time or good help to accomplish. Not only are the orders filled and delivered with high consistency, but samples of each lot of potting media are stored for at least three months for referencing when any issues arise. Are unexpected signs of chlorosis showing up and you suspect the pH of the potting media might be the cause? Our collection of samples allows us to address the issue directly, eliminating another variable in your research. 

When it comes to plant production, consistency is key. PGLS can be the partner you need to standardize and streamline your processes.  

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