Home to Bayer, The Danforth Plant Science Center, Benson Hill, BRDG Park, 39 North, the Helix Center BioTech Incubator and more, St. Louis has cemented itself as the epicenter of the AgTech world. And with a growing ecosystem of researchers and innovators leveraging all of the horticultural resource opportunities that these community pillars provide, new needs have emerged in their wake.


Implementation of Devitalization Services

From start-ups to corporate conglomerates, having a standard operating procedure for the management of transgenic plant waste is commonplace. But what many of these emerging businesses may come to discover is in application, the management process can be tedious. Labor limitations continue to plague the region, and the plant decontamination process can spill over to research technicians, and limit resources dedicated to plant-based research. 


Options for Plant Waste Management 

Researchers and research facilities typically implement rigorous standard operating procedures for the maintenance of plant decontamination in greenhouses, requiring weekly and sometimes daily attention. Though specifics vary by policy, a general plan for plant decommissioning requires one or more of the following:

  • Incineration

  • Ultraviolet or ionizing radiation

  • Chemical treatment

  • Autoclaving – the preferred method for sterilization of biohazardous waste

Whether you’re leasing space at the Danforth Center or in your own permanent facility, no matter the method of decontamination, researchers face space, technology and labor constraints. Having a local partner with USDA-backed autoclaving capabilities is a clear path forward for workflow optimization. 


Prioritizing Horticultural Innovation

Hummert International understands that agricultural and biological innovation is imperative to furthering the future of the industry. Our Plant Growth and Logistics Services (PGLS) division is dedicated to the betterment of researchers and has developed a suite of solutions designed specifically for industries seeking systematic operating procedures, backed by USDA compliance. PGLS is authorized to handle and dispose of plant waste appropriately. We offer dedicated container pick-up and drop-off, transfer, and disposal to keep your operation moving smoothly from beginning to end.


With our St. Louis location and warehouse, our operations lie in the heart of the Midwest. The St. Louis region is not only home to hundreds of plant scientists and researchers alike, but St. Louis also provides us with a central location for not only plant devitalization for the metro area, but also shipping pre-filled pots and wholesale supplies nationwide.

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