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The Future of Fundraising: Pre-Finished Poinsettia Plants

Pre-finished plants are the answer to minimizing crop loss and maximizing your organization or school’s annual fundraiser revenue. 

Why pre-finished poinsettia plants?

Pre-finished poinsettias arrive to your location potted and well-established, treated with fungicide and ready for your TLC as opposed to the rigmarole associated with rooted cuttings. We know that teachers and facilitators have a limited amount of time as the school year commences, and pre-finished poinsettias are a great time-saver while also minimizing crop lass and maximizing fundraise revenue potential.

Pre-finished Poinsettia Program Benefits

  • No need to arrange for receiving, potting, and maintaining for weeks prior to the beginning of the school year when rooted cuttings would normally be delivered.
  • Potential crop problems that most commonly occur the first few weeks after planting and can have the greatest negative impact for the finished crop are eliminated.
  • Plants will be well established, treated with a fungicide, and pinched for proper size finishing.
  • Reduced inputs (fungicides, plant growth regulators).
  • No need to purchase pots and soil.
  • Just add fertilizer, monitor temperature, and watch/treat for insect pests.
  • With no adjacent light pollution from streetlights or ball fields these will finish perfectly the week after Thanksgiving.

Supplies are limited

If this communication is taking you by surprise, take a look at our suggested pre-finished production schedule - prep week will be here before you know it!

Pre-Finished Poinsettia Production Schedule

contact us to order at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you grow!
Click Here for Schedule

Want to learn more? Our experts can help.

Mike Hellmann is Hummert's go-to plants and cuttings specialist. Contact Mike to order your pre-finished poinsettias at mhellmann@hummert.com
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