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SMART Solutions’ unique, holistic approach to facility design sets ourselves apart from others in the industry with a strategy that’s scalable in design, efficient, and provides long-term value that takes into account everything from energy savings to workflow efficiencies.

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Interested in us as material supplier only? Whether your facility is fully designed or you’re retrofitting an existing grow, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is here to help. We can provide competitive pricing for selected components or the entire greenhouse/indoor grow.

Equipment & Supply Distribution

Our work isn’t done when plants arrive. By leveraging our parent company (Hummert International) and its 82-year wholesale distribution network of more than 16,000 unique growing products from over 400 vendors, we can provide you with just-in-time inventory at a competitive price that keeps your grow running smoothly.

Our Purpose

We are a team dedicated to providing the professional growing community with the necessary products, equipment, and services to effectively operate their greenhouse, indoor grow, or controlled environment by leveraging decades of industry experience, an understanding of evolving techniques, and a commitment to customer service.

What is SMART Solutions?

SMART Solutions is a division of Hummert International dedicated to Greenhouse, Indoor Grow & Controlled Environments. Equipped with knowledge that spans over 35 years in the greenhouse design industry, paired with an understanding of modern techniques for controlled environment agriculture, SMART Solutions provides the unique opportunity to assist business operators and growers alike in identifying system and equipment requirements.

We understand that the current landscape of the horticulture industry is progressing at pace that can create uncertainty. Through partnership development, knowledge sharing, and understanding, we hope to help your business grow by providing long term and reliable solutions.

Our Pillars of Design


Energy Efficiency


Labor productivity


Scalable in DesIgn


GMP & GAP Focus


On Time & On Budget

What we Offer

Ludy RSII Series Greenhouses

2 – 35’6” x 48’ / 132’

Ludy RSII Series Greenhouses

3 – 25’ x 130’ / 180’

Ludy RSII Series Greenhouses

8 – 25’ x 66’/84’ & 1 – 8’ x 120’


Let Us Help you Build your dream cultivation facility

Our Partners

We know each step of your project requires different expertise. With SMART Solutions leading the way, we bring a team approach to your project and have developed a network of trusted partners with the experience required to help your dreams become a reality.

Preferred Vendors & Manufacturers

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With a partner-first, team approach, we have developed systems and a culture where everything we do has your best interest in mind. Let us show you what sets us apart.

Pete Hummert

Grow Facility Senior Design Director  +
Co-Owner Hummert International

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SMART Solutions is a dedicated division of Hummert International.