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Dyna Green Starter Fertilblend 12-20-6

Blended for rapid establishment of sod or new seedlings. The high phosphorus ensures successful seed germination and rapid root growth.

Dyna Green Fall Starter Fertiblend 21-8-8

Unique fertilizer blend for revitalizing existing turf, over seeding and spot seeding applications.

Dyna Green Winter Fertilblend 18-0-12

Encourages vigorous root and rhizome development and prevents winter injury. Keeps grass green longer and delivers earlier spring green up.

Dyna Green Independence LS Grass Seed

Premium Turf-Type Tall Fescue Blend

Dyna Green Fescue & Blue for Sun Grass Seed

Premium Turf-Type Tall Fescue & Blue Blend mixed for sunny areas.

Dyna Green Fescue & Blue For Shade Grass Seed

Premium Turf-Type Tall Fescue & Blue Blend mixed for shady areas.

Contractor Blend Grass Seed

Quick cover with Ryegrass then transitions into quality fescue stand. Provides durability to moderate traffic.

Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue 97% Grass Seed

Utility-type grass for low-maintenance areas with coarse texture, light-green color.

Erosion Control Curlex 1 Green

Great for highway embankments, ditch bottoms, slopes, bridges & mediums. Absorbs and releases moisture to germinating seed.

Sod Staples 11 Gauge

For holding down ground covers, weed barriers, erosion netting, sod, water lines, ground soakers, plant material, etc. Made from 11 gauge wire with pointed ends for better ground penetration.

Weed Barrier Dewitt Pro-5

Pro-5 conserves soil moisture, increases growth, prevents unwanted weeds from germinating. 12” spaced lines make for easy plant alignment.

Groundskeeper Rake

This versatile rake can be used for general debris clean-up, leveling bedding material, spreading rock, grooming golf course bunkers, spreading mulch, de-thatching, and more!

Wheelbarrow Poly

Poly tray will never rust or corrode. Rugged steel undercarriage and strong, seal-coated hardwood handles.

Shovel Round Point Ames Long Handle

Exclusive armor D grip encases the wood completely to prevent twisting. Forged steel blade made for maximum strength and durability. Smooth-back design prevents dirt and mud buildup.

Ensilage Fork 10 Tine

The AMES ensilage fork is used for transferring manure, mulch, and other loose material. The light-duty, 10 tine welded head is mounted to a 30-inch hardwood handle with poly D-grip for strength and durability.

30” Poly Tine Lawn Rake

Ideal for large yards and big jobs, this leaf rake quickly and efficiently collects leaves, grass clippings, twigs, pine needles and acorns. The poly tines resist cracking while retaining their shape, even after continual usage. The rake's lightweight materials minimize fatigue and reduce back strain.

Hummert International is a family owned and oriented distributor of horticultural products and services who employs knowledgeable, ethically responsible individuals. We commit ourselves to being on the cutting edge of product technology while delivering unparalleled satisfaction to our global customers.