ST. LOUIS, MO – Hummert International, a leading provider of horticultural supplies and equipment, is excited to announce the launch of its new branch, Hummert Solutions. Hummert Solutions will be the exclusive supplier of all Energy Curve Technology products, providing customers with innovative technology-based solutions aimed at increasing production effectively for the horticulture industry.

As a company dedicated to offering cutting-edge solutions to horticulturists, Hummert International is thrilled to partner with Energy Curve Technology to bring their specialized products to its customers. Energy Curve Technology is renowned for its expertise in sustainable growing solutions, including product lines ranging from garden to turf to specialty crops and beyond, all of which are crucial for optimizing plant growth and maximizing crop yields.

“We are excited to introduce Hummert Solutions as our exclusive supplier of Energy Curve Technology products,” said Travis Florey, President of Hummert International. “This partnership allows us to offer our customers innovative and cost-effective technology-based solutions, empowering them to increase production while reducing costs.”

Energy Curve Technology’s CEO, Todd Sears, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are pleased to partner with Hummert Solutions and provide horticulturists with our industry-leading products. Hummert International’s extensive experience and commitment to customer service make them the perfect partner to distribute our specialized solutions.”

Energy Curve Technology’s plant nutrition system, Garden in a Bucket

Hummert Solutions will focus on offering a comprehensive range of Energy Curve Technology products, and expects to continue to add to its technology-based product offerings in the near future. These solutions are essential for commercial growers and greenhouse operators all the way to homeowner hobbyists who strive for precise control over environmental factors to optimize plant growth and crop quality, while also maximizing cost savings.

With this exclusive partnership, Hummert International’s customers can expect unparalleled access to Energy Curve Technology’s cutting-edge products, aimed at increasing production and reducing costs, backed by Hummert International’s exceptional customer service and industry expertise.

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Amanda Flower, Marketing Manager

Hummert International

Phone: (314) 506-4500