July 15 – September 17, 2021

Hummert International is excited to roll out this year’s 2021 Early Order Program to our commercial accounts. We’re streamlining the ordering process and customer experience during our traditional ordering program that comes once every year. 

What is unique about this year, is we will be hosting an online portal where commercial accounts will have the ability to book orders for this Fall and Spring from a private, password-protected site. What’s even better is while you book this year, your account could be entered in to win a variety of raffle prizes. We will also be holding a special raffle including a $3,000 vacation getaway! View our raffle rules and special raffle rules below.  

How Do I Book During the Early Order Program?

To get started, you’ll need to schedule a meeting with your account manager. Your account manager will have the access code you need to enter the site and setup your booking account. From here, you’ll be able to:  

  • Browse hundreds of select deals and price breaks from our vendors and manufacturers 
  • Browse our Hot Buy selection of featured deals on select products
  • Browse our Closeout Corner featuring discontinued products or supplies we’re closing out. 
For more information on the Early Order Program contact your Account Manager today

Request Your Meeting Today! 

Hummert General Raffle

This year we want to offer exciting opportunities for booking with us this year! That’s why we’ll be raffling off a variety of prizes at the end of our Early Order Program. Meet certain booking goals with your account and you may end up one of the lucky few who wins. 

General Raffle Prizes You Could Win!

How to Enter

Commercial accounts that book with us during the event, book during special shipping dates, and book total orders over a certain amount will receive multiple entries on their account’s behalf to be entered in our general raffle. Our raffle goals include:

Booking Goals Raffle Entries
Order During the Early Order Program 1
Chose a Ship Date before December 31st Entry 2+
Chose a Ship Date before November 30th Entry 3+
Book or order over $1,000 with us 4+
Book or order over $2,000 with us 5+
Book or order over $10,000 with us 6+

Up to 21 entries for Business Partners who hit all general booking goals!  

*Entries will be entered by Commercial Account or Business Partner. Only one account winner during the general and special raffle.* 

Special Raffle - Vacation giveaway!

Book or order over $25,000 in total with us this year during the Early Order Program and your account will be entered in our Special Raffle Vacation Getaway, where Hummert International will be offering up to $3,000 for a vacation getaway. Only accounts that reach this goal will be entered in the special raffle, making it that much easier to win big! 

Book over $25,000 in total with us and enter our Vacation Getaway Raffle – valued at $3,000!  

*Entries will be entered by Commercial Account or Business Partner. Only one account winner during the general and special raffle.*

Customer Appreciation Day - September 17th

We will also be Hummert Customer Appreciation Day at our Earth City location for all our local commercial accounts and customers. We’ll be raffling off our general and special raffle at the end of the day on September 17th at 3:30 PM on our Facebook page following the event.

 More details about the event soon to come!